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3 Important Things Your Dog Needs To Enjoy A Healthy And Happy Summer

A Pembroke welsh corgi puppy lays on grass next to a person's feet.
Dogs enjoy summer as much as humans do since there's so much to see and do outside. But dogs may suffer unnecessarily when their basic needs aren't met during the hottest months. Help your dog have a safe and happy summer by providing the three basic needs that follow.

Hydration and Shelter

Your dog needs plenty of water and shade during the summer months. This is especially true if your dog is older or has a very thick coat. Whenever possible, provide an air-conditioned space for your dog during the hottest parts of the day. If your dog spends the hot summer days outdoors, make sure that your pet has a dedicated soft spot under shade for cooling down as needed.
Never, ever leave your dog unattended in a hot car. In many areas, you could be subject to criminal charges, and you will lose your dog. Even worse, your dog could suffer permanent damage or death from the heat that builds up inside a car.
Make sure your dog has ready access to water throughout the day. Clean out the dog's inside and outside water bowls at least once a week to keep germs, insects and dirt from building up on the water bowl and fouling the water. 
Always carry extra water and portable water bowls with you wherever you go with your pet. Pay attention if your dog begins lagging behind, panting or showing any other signs of overheating on a hike or walk. Have your dog seen by the veterinarian immediately when overheating occurs.

Attention to Skin and Coat Health

Summer is full of ticks, fleas, and other insects that bite dogs and make them itch like crazy. Ask your veterinarian to prescribe a safe treatment to repel and kill these pests. Your dog will have a much more relaxed and comfortable summer when there's not an itchy body part to scratch every second.
Some dogs experience skin allergies during the summer months. They may develop red spots on the skin, suffer hair loss and experience intense itchiness. If this happens to your pet, schedule an appointment at the vet's office for a thorough examination of the dog's coat, skin and overall health. There are many treatments available to manage skin allergies in dogs.
Never let your dog stand on hot pavement for more than a minute or so. Pay special attention to dogs with heavy, thick coats. Dogs with a lot of hair may overheat quickly on scorching days.
Your veterinarian may advise shaving or trimming the coat to help keep your long-haired dog cool and comfortable. Some dogs may enjoy a wading pool in the backyard or a dip in a local watering hole to cool down quickly.

Help with Noise Aversion

Summer noises can be terrifying for some dogs. Thunder, motorcycles and Fourth-of-July fireworks can really upset dogs with strong reactions to loud noises. Studies estimate that up to 50 percent of dogs are reported by their owners to have some type of noise aversion.
Various treatments are used by veterinarians and dog owners to help calm pets and/or retrain them to manage their sound-related fears. Medications, behavior modification and special doggie vests offer relief to some pets. Your dog's veterinarian will examine your pet and offer the best advice on treating its noise-aversion.
Many dogs go missing after fireworks displays and during summer backyard parties. It's important to have your dog microchipped and entered into a pet-finding database so you and your runaway pup can be reunited.
At Escalon Small Animal Clinic, we're happy to help your pets have a delightful and healthy summer. Contact our office today with your summertime pet-related questions and concerns.



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